Department of Surgery






The department provides specialized services like diagnosis and therapeutic gastro-intestinal endoscopy; laproscopic surgery; and endourology for treatment of urinary calculus, urinary bladder tumors, and prostratic disease. The department has contributed in WHO project for development of ‘A Teaching Module on Prevention and Control of Injury for Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum’. The department activity participates in National Family Welfare Programme for non-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) operations.


A regular surgical skill training programme -Suture Practicum - is conducted for all the batches of interns posted in the department.

The department has a large number of publications in reputed national and international journals.

Clinical Material

Department of Surgery provides management of both emergency and elective cases.

Emergency cases include trauma, burn and surgical emergencies like perforation peritonitis, acute appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, gastrointestinal bleed, soft tissue infection, abscess, acute abdomen (panctreatitis, cholecytitis, etc.).

Elective cases include-


Minimal Access Surgery-Cholelithiasis, inguinal hernia, appendicitis


Gastrointestinal surgery-Esophageal stricture, peptic ulcer disease, cholelithiasis, pseudocyst


of pancreas, splenic abscess, hypersplenism, chronic pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel


diseases, rectal prolapse, anal fissure, perianal fistula.


Urological procedures-Renal stones, ureteric stones, bladder stone, PUJ obstruction,


uretheral stricture, benign hyperplasia of prostate.


Vascular surgery-Varicose vein, peripheral arterial diseases


Oncological surgery-Carcinoma breast including reconstructive procedure, GI malignancy,


urological malignancy, soft tissue sarcoma, oral carcinoma.


Endocrine surgery-Goiter, carcinoma thyroid, parathyroid adenoma, Cushing syndrome,


pheochromocytoma, adrenal adenoma


Pediatric surgery-Congenital hernia, hydrocele, undescended testis, phimosis


Thoracic surgery-Malignant pleural effusion, tuberculosis

Department also provides services of upper GI and lower GI endoscopy, uroflowmetery and urodynamic study.     


Teaching Staff:


Dr. Iqbal Singh

Professor(CAS)-Direct & Head(wef 01.07.2021)

Dr. Navneet Kaur

Director Professor

Dr. Ankur Garg

Assistant Professor

Dr. Peeyush Kumar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sandeep Kumar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shailendra Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Director Professor (Re-employed wef 01.07.2021)

Dr. Arun Gupta

Director Professor (Re-employed wef 05.07.2021)



Dr. Vivek Agrawal

Director Professor, (CHS Teaching Subcadre)

Dr. Suruchi Shreshtha

Assistant Professor (CHS Teaching Subcadre)

Dr Mohd. Ajazur Rehman

Senior Medical Officer (CHS), Non-teaching

Senior Residents:

Dr Anant Dixit

Dr Shruti Shasheendran




Non-Teaching Staff:

Mrs. Taruna Grover




Link for: www.surgeryucms.yolasite.com







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