Department of Physiology
The department is actively engaged in the basic and applied research in the fields of cardiovascular, respiratory system, neurophysiology, clinical electrophysiology including evoked potential, environmental and work place physiology, pain and behaviour physiology. The main thrust of work are: 1) Cardiovascular and pulmonary response in vascular disease and industrial workers; 2) Monitoring of sensory and cognitive functions;  3)   Brain  function  in  mal-nourished    children;  4)
Autonomic functions and stress physiology; 5) Electro-physiological correlates of pain and other behaviours; 6) Cognitive neurophysiology; and 7) Scientific study of effect of yoga in various diseases by evaluating cardiopulmonary and neurological parameters. It is also actively engaged in giving yoga therapy to patients and improvement in the life style in various kinds of diseases.

The department helps in B.Sc. (Medical Technology)-Radiography, B.Sc. (Physiotherapy) and open school classes. Among the useful tests conducted in the department are VEP, NCV, P300, BERA, ECG, EMG autonomic function tests, and pulmonary function test. The department is also involved in patient care and these investigations cater to the needs of department of paediatrics, ENT, ophthalmology, medicine and anesthesiology.

The department has started a Yoga and Lifestyle intervention clinic in collaboration with CCRYN (AYUSH, Min. of Health, Govt. of India) which caters to the patients and staff suffering from various diseases like hypertension, CAD, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, asthma, and neurological problems. The clinic has already helped more than 1000 patients since its inception. Acupressure therapy has also started.

The department has introduced Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE). Evaluation results of these programmes have been presented in various conferences and workshops.

Teaching Staff:

UCMS Cadre      
Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Vaney Director Professor & Head Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr.(Mrs.) Farah Khaliq Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Asha Yadav Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Satendra Singh Associate Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Manish Gupta Assistant Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Shilpi Goyal Assistant Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Sajeev Ambalayam Assistant Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Md. Jaffer Pinjar Assistant Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Vishakha Assistant Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised

CHS Cadre      

Non-Teaching Staff:

Mrs. Mamta Rani Stenographer (2nd Half)  
Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta Laboratory Assistant (store)    
Mr. Ashok K. Sharma Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Ram Nath Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Gopal K. Sharma Laboratory Attendant    
Ms. Anju Kumari Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Dharmendra Laboratory Attendant    
Mrs. Arti Sharma Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Rishi Pal Safai Karamchari    
Mr. Mahipal Singh Safai Karamchari    

Appointment of Teachers, if any, to Higher Posts / Assignment Outside

Dr. Vaney N

Distinctions Achieved by the Members of the Teaching Staff Either at the National or International Level

Dr. Dixit A
Appointed as Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Medical Specialties.
Dr. Khaliq F
Prof RC Shukla Oration award for best research work in Cardiovascular Physiology for the year 2012 (Received at APPICON 2012).

Won Silver Medal for best paper of the session in Xth Annual Conference of U.P. Chapter of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, held on 22 – 23 Nov. 1997 at Aligarh.

PhD degree from Delhi University (2013) entitled “Effect of Terminalia Arjuna bark on autonomic control and myocardial function in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats”.

Dr. Shankar N
Fellowship under the Exchange of Scientists Programme of Indian National Science Academy and The Royal Society London, at University of Wales College of Cardiff, UK, year.
Appointed as Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Pain, Delhi.
Dr. Sircar SS
INTAS Award ( Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health), Dec 2009.
Dr. Singh S
Organizing Chairperson of National Symposium “Emerging Role of Physiology and Lifestyle Interventions in Health Sciences” in UCMS, Delhi, 29 Feb-1 Mar 2008.
Chaired a session in the National Symposium on ‘Oxidative stress’ in MAMC, 8-10 Feb 2008.
Chaired a session in the National Symposium on Emerging Role of Physiology and Lifestyle Interventions in Health Sciences, 1 Mar 2008.
Guest lecture on 'Relief of life style interventions in hypertension and coronary artery diseases' at 6th International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Doctors, Bulgaria, 2008.
Member of American Thyroid Association.
Dr. Tandon O P
MCI Inspector for Physiology.
Chairman of MCI Committee for MD(Physiology) course.
Member of Project Review Committee of DST, Govt. of India.
Member Review Steering Group of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India.
Prof. Baldev Singh Oration Award for outstanding contribution in the field of neurosciences/ Neurophysiology for the year 2003.
Appointed as expert member in Project Review Committee and Evaluation Committee ICMR, DSI, Moraraji Desai Inst. of Yoga and Health Sciences (AYUSH).
Appointed as member of Governing / Academic Body of IHBAS.
Received Indira Gandhi Award for excellence in professional work by National Academy Forum, Oct 2006.
Invited Speaker for National Symposium on Recent Advances in Auditory Responses; held as Golden Jubilee Celebration of MAMC, Delhi, Nov 2007.
Chaired a session on ‘Neurophysiology’ during XIXth Annual Conference of Physiological Society of India at Faridabad and also delivered a guest lecture on ‘Cerebellar control of visceromotor activity’, Dec 2007.
Dr. Vaney N
Appointed as the Executive Editor, Indian Journal of Medical Specialties.

Seminars & Conferences Held in the College of National / International Significance

A two-day national symposium on “Emerging Role of Physiology and Lifestyle Interventions in Health Sciences” 29 Feb-1 Mar 2008.

Funded Research Project:

Sl.No. Title of the Research Project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Years Amount Rs.
1. A study of stress among first professional medical students and effect of exercise in its management. Shankar N Intramural 2008 25,000
2. Assessment of oxidative stress and inflammatory markers in patients of type II diabetes mellitus: before and after yoga. Singh S Intramural 2008 25,000
Evaluation of Event-related Electroencephalographic Response as Neurometrics for General Intelligence and Differential Aptitude.
Sircar SS DST    
4. Pulmonary function and oxidative stress in workers exposed to styrene in plastic factory. Vaney N
Khaliq F
Intramural 2008 25,000
5. To evaluate the effect of caffeine on facilitatory and inhibitory processes using stroop task. Vaney N ICMR, STS 2009 5000
6. To study the effect of lack of sleep on attention and information processing in medical under-graduate using paper pencil tasks. Dixit A ICMR, STS 2009 5000
7. Young Scientist scheme of DST – Evaluation of event related electroencephalographic indices of auditory and visual distractibility in children with attention deficit disorders. Khaliq F DST   10,00,000
8. Intramural research grant (UCMS)– 2009- Pulmonary functions, oxidative stress and DNA damage in brick kiln workers. Khaliq F UCMS 2009 25,000


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