Department of Pharmacology

The thrust areas of research are: a) Psychoneuropharmacology of stress, pain and convulsive disorders; neurobehavioral aspects of drug abuse; opioid and indigenous drug pharmacology. b) Clinical pharmacology for which the department is equipped with spectrophotometer, spectroflourometer. The department has acquired, some time ago, a binary HPLC system with Pentium IV computer for integration. Besides training the PG students in biochemical techniques of drug assay, these instruments are used to develop skills in designing and executing drug evaluation studies (bioequivalence, pharmacovigilance, different phases of clinical trials of drugs, and drug-drug and drug­-herb interaction studies). These equipments are also used to train students from other departments too, for research studies and to collaborate in the investigations of other clinical and para-clinical departments. The department is also involved in providing inputs in patient care in the hospital by way of therapeutic drug monitoring services in the area of antitubercular and antiepileptic drug therapy. The laboratory services are available for diagnosis of poisons and other toxicological substances. Recently acquired equipments are Digital Analgesio-/Hyperalgesia-Metyem, Digital Microplate ELISA Reader, Digital Animal Activity Monitor, Three Channel Physiography, and Digital One-pan Balance.

By virtue of availability of functional spectrophotometer, spectroflourometer and binary pump HPLC, the department is conducting bioequivalence studies for hands-on training programme for post-graduate students as regulatory studies on behalf of pharmaceutical industry. An innovative curriculum has been developed to impart training to undergraduate medical students in problem-based teaching-learning exercise in Phatmacology and Rational Drug Prescribing to interns as part of orientation programme.

The department has published many papers and books.

Teaching Staff:

UCMS Cadre      
Dr. Rachna Gupta Professor & Head
Appointed Head of the Department of Pharmacology under the Faculty of Medical Science for a term of 3 years w.e.f. 14.10.2017 and the member of the Executive Council upto 15.01.2019
Dr. Seema Jain Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Sumita Halder Associate Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Yashika Garg Assistant Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Priyanka P. Hotha Assistant Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Sandhya Rani Gautam Assistant Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Proteesh Rana Assistant Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised

CHS Cadre      

Non-Teaching Staff:

Mr. Shiv M. Pandey Junior Assistant    
Mr. Ghanshyam Meena Senior Technical Assistant    
Mrs. Krishna Kumar Technical Assistant (Store)    
Mrs. Sneh Lata Bhatia Technical Assistant    
Mr. J. B. S. Yadav Technical Assistant    
Mr. Brij Lal Technical Assistant    
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Dayal Singh Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Harish P. Tamta Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Kehar Singh Laboratory Assistant    
Ms. Pooja Sabharwal Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Mohit Kumar Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Amar Singh Safai Karamchari    

Appointment of Teachers, if any, to Higher Posts / Assignment Outside

Dr. Sharma K K
Deputed as Professor in the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan (Nepal).
Elected as President, Society of Pahrmacovigilence (India), 2008 – 2009.
Elected as President of the Indian Society for Rational Pharmacotherapeutics, 2008 – 2010.

Distinctions Achieved by the Members of the Teaching Staff Either at the National or International Level

Dr. Bhattacharya SK

Nominated as member of Institutional Animal Ethical Committees of:

  1. National Institute of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi.
  2. National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi.
  3. Central Insecticide Laboratory, Faridabad.
Dr. Sharma K K
President, Indian Society of Pain Research and Therapy (ISPRAT), Oct 2003.
Received Sir Shriram Memorial Oration for 2004-2005 by the National Academy of Medical Sciences (India) and delivered the Oration on “Multiplicity of opioid receptors: a neural jargon or nature’s justice” during the 45th annual meeting of National Academy of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad, 12 Dec 2005.
Elected Chairman, Credential Committee of Para-Clinical Group of Subjects, National Academy of Medical Sciences (India), New Delhi, for a period of 3 years (2006 – 2009).
Appointed Assistant Editor, Annals of National Academy of Medical Sciences (India).
Awarded Prof. Govinda Achari Oration (2007) at the 40th Annual Conference of the Indian Pharmacological Society, NIPER, Mohali.
Elected President of the Indian Society of Rational Therapeutics (2007-08) and Society of Pharmacovigilance (India) (2008).
Appointed External Evaluator of Project Reports and Thesis of M.Sc. (Clinical Research), Programme of the Cranfield University, UK, Oct 2007.
Nominated as External Panel Member on the Validation Team of the University of Heartfordshire, UK to validate the syllabus, curriculum and teaching facilities of Indian institutions for M.Sc. (Pharmacovigilance) Programme, Mar 2008.
Appointed External Evaluator of Project Reports and Thesis of students perusing M.Sc. (Clinical Research) programme of the Cranfield University, UK at the Institute of Clinical Research (India) (ICRI), 2008.
Nominated as the Expert-Member, PG Board of Studies, Pt. B.D. Sharma University of Health Sciences, Rohtak, 2008.
Nominated for the position of Associated Editor, National Academy of Medical Sciences, 2008-12.
Nominated as Reviewer of two international Journals: European Neuropsychopharmacology and Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior.
Seminars/ conferences at the National/ International level organised
First National Symposium-cum-Workshop on Problem-based Teaching, Learning and Formulation of Need-based Contemporary Curriculum in Undergraduate Pharmacology Education, 27–28 Feb 2009.

Funded Research Projects:

Title of the Research Project Principal Investigator Years Funding Agency Amount (Rs.)
Central and peripheral interaction of opioid and NMDA receptors in neuropathetic inflammatory pain, and their role in antinociception from stimulators of periaqueductal gray in male rats.
Khanna N 2008-09 ICMR  

Effect of some herbal drugs on experimental models of ischemia

Khanna N 2008-09 CSIR  

Role of glutamate receptors in schizophrenia.

Kumari P 

2008-09 UGC  
Role of free radicals on functional changes in cardiovascular regulatory mechanisms on mercury exposure in rats (in vivo). Mediratta PK 2008-09 ICMR  
Effect of polypharmaceutical herbal drug, lipotab on isoproterenol-induced chronic heart failure in rats.
Mediratta PK 2008-09 ICMR  

List of Publications 2003 onwards:


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