Department of Pathology
Histopathology section of the department has an annual output of over 84,000 investigations. Facilities of histochemical and immunohistochemical test, phenotyping of tumours and ultra-structural studies are available. Autopsy services consist mostly of neonatal autopsies. Cytopathology section has an output of over 46,000 specimens comprising fine-needle aspiration gynaecologic and other exfoliative material. Fluid section does more  than  1,00,000  investigations  such  as  in urine  for bile
salts, bile pigments, Ketone bodies and Bence Jones proteins; semen examination, pregnancy test and CSF examination.

Haematology facilities include investigations for haemolytic anaemias, haemoglobinopathies (especially thalassaemias), nutritional anaemia, red cell enzyme deficiencies, leukaemia and bleeding disorders. More than 2,00,000 specimens are investigated each year in Special Haemotology Laboratory. This laboratory is also involved in identification of beta-thalassaemia mutations with further possibility of establishing prenatal diagnostic services. Facilities exist for DNA analysis for haematological and other disorders.

The Blood Bank is upgraded to Regional Blood Transfusion Centre which provides facilities including of blood components to the population of East Delhi. Over 25,000 units of blood is collected and issued after screening for HBsAg and HIV. The department has started testing HIV positivity by a high sensitive technique using RT-PCR for HIV RNA(NAT). This is being carried out in collaboration with Delhi state government and Roche Diagnostics.

The research activities include cancer specific markers, histopathology in leprosy and hepatocarcinogenesis, morphologic changes in tuberculous lymph-nodes in patients on DOT,. and genetic profiling of Wilm's tumor. The other areas of interest are leukemia and coagulation disorders. The department has several projects funded by agencies like WHO, UNICEF, ICMR, UGC and CSIR.

The histopathology section has added immunofluroscence staining on tissue sections for greater precision in diagnosis of renal and dermatological conditions. Haematology section is proposing to start immunostaining and flowcytometry for diagnosis of haematological malignancies. The cytology section would be starting liquid based cytology and flowcytometry for malignant aspirate.

Teaching Staff:

UCMS Cadre      
Dr. Vinod Kumar Arora Director Professor & Head Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. (Mrs.) Sonal Sharma Director Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. (Mrs.) Mrinalini Kotru Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. Nadeem Tanveer Associate Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. Preeti Diwaker Assistant Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. Pragya Jain Assistant Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. Deepshikha Rana Assistant Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised

CHS Cadre      

Non-Teaching Staff:

Ms. Promila Duggal Stenographer    
Mr. S. P. Sharma Senior Technical Assistant    
Mr. Deepak Joshi Senior Technical Assistant    
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Pathak Senior Technical Assistant    
Mrs. Swati Jain Senior Technical Assistant    
Mr. Ravi Kumar Senior Technical Assistant    
Ms. Amrita Sharma Senior Technical Assistant    
Mr. Aditya Nath Dwivedi Senior Technical Assistant    
Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta Technical Assistant (Store)    
Mr. Satya Pal Singh Technical Assistant    
Mr. Dilwar Datt Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Premod Chand Dixit Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Nand Kishore Sah
Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Nem Chand Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Subhod Chand Dixit Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Naval Prakash Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Ashok Kumar Rajor Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Chandan Singh Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Divender Singh Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Dharam Singh Rawat Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Anil Kumar Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Saurabh Gupta Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Vinod Kumar Laboratory Assistant    
Ms. Bharti Verma Laboratory Assistant    
Ms. Aarti Goswami Laboratory Assistant    
Ms. Seema Nayyar Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Ravinder Kumar Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Amit Kumar Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Nishi Gupta Laboratory Attendant    
Ms. Nidhi Nim Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Ganga Sagar Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Sone Pal Safai Karamchari    
Mr. Ramesh Lal Safai Karamchari    

Appointment of Teachers, if Any, to Higher Posts / Assignment Outside

Dr. Arora VK
Professor & Incharge, Cytopathology, AIIMS, New Delhi.

Dr. Rusia U
Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi.

Distinctions Achieved by the Members of the Teaching Staff Either at the National or International Level
Dr Bhatia A
Invited to deliver lecture in Symposium on the Diagnosis of Infections in Cytology, Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialization, 19-21 Feb 2007, on “The cytological diagnosis of infectious disease: tissue reaction & CPC as clues; The leprosy paradigm: a template for the cytologic study of infections diseases”; Six interesting case presentations.

Dr. Kotru M
Awarded Membership of National Academy of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Misra K
Appointed member of expert committee for technical evaluation of proposals under “women scientists scheme”, Deptt. of Sciences & Technology, Govt. of India.
Invited as a Subject Expert in the Committee of Life Sciences by DST, Govt. of India, to attend several meetings during the year.
Dr. Rusia U
Chairperson for immunophenotyping of AC Leukaemia Nat. Naemi Update, AIIMS, New Delhi, 25-26 Feb. 2006.
Invited to deliver lecture on newer molecules in iron metabolism in National Haematology Update VI, AIIMS, New Delhi, 1-2 Mar 2007.
Nominated member by MCI for preparing curriculum for DM (Haematology).
Invited Speaker: Burden of anemia in the tropics. 49th Annual conference of ISHTM, Puducherry, 18-21 Sep 2008.
Invited Speaker: Impact of iron deficiency in pregnancy. International Conference on Iron deficiency, Mt. Abu, 4-8 Dec 2008.
Dr. Sikka M
Invited Speaker: Pathophysiologic and diagnostic considerations of DIC.  49th Annual conference of ISHTM, 18-21 Sep 2008.

Funded Research Projects:

Sl. No. Title of the Research Project Principal Investigator Years Funding Agency Amount (Rs.)
1. Characterization of Immuno-Histochemical Features of Prostatic Carcinoma in a North Indian Tertiary Care Hospital. Agarwal S 2009-12 UGC Rs. 10.3 Lakh
2. Effect of imatinib therapy in chronic myeloid leukemia with special reference to myelofirbosis Rusia U   UGC 9.70 Lakhs
3. Study of Immunopathological Aspects of Cutaneous Lichen Planus in Indian Population and Effect of Topical Steroid Therapy. Sharma S 2008-09 DST Rs. 20.3 Lakh

Correlation of Proliferative Indices and Anti-apoptotic Marker – BCI – 2 UCMS Expression with the Histological Grading and Staging of Urothelial Neoplasms of Bladder.

Singh UR 2008-09 Intramural Rs. 25,000/-
5. Expression and prognostic relevance of key immuno-histochemical markers in Indian women with carcinoma breast Wadhwa N   DBT 5.33 Lakhs

Characterization of Immuno-Histochemical Features of Prostatic Carcinoma in a North Indian Tertiary Care Hospital

Agarwal S Feb 2009–Jan 2012 UGC

10.34 lakhs

7. Bone Marrow Angiognesis in CML: Multiparametric Study of Factors in Blood and Bone Marrow Influencing angiogenesis. Kotru M Sep 2009- 2012 DST 17.61 lakhs
8. Effect of Imatinib Therapy in CML with Special Reference to Myelofirbosis Rusia Usha May 2007-April 2010 UGC 9.7  lakhs
9. Study of immunopathological aspects of cutaneous lichen planus in Indian population and effect of topical steroid therapy Sharma Sonal Jan 2009 DST 20.3  lakhs
10 Correlation of Proliferative indices & Anti-apoptotic Marker – BCI – 2  Expression with the Histological Grading & Staging of Urothelia Neoplasms of Bladder Singh U R 2009-10 IMRG, UCMS 25,000

Expression & Prognostic Relevance of Key Immuno-Histochemical Markers in Indian Women with Carcinoma Breast

Wadhwa N Jan 2008 DBT   

5.33 lakhs

List of Publications 2003 onwards:


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