Department of Microbiology

The Department of Microbiology is catering to a vast array of laboratory services to patients of GTB Hospital and referred from other Hospitals of East Delhi. Currently approx. 5.0 lakhs diagnostic tests are processed each year in 11 sections of the department. The HIV testing centre-VCCTC & PPTCT, currently redesignated as ICTC, established in 1992 under the administration of DSACS / NACO, performs approx. 6000 tests per year. It has been identified as State Reference Laboratory (SRL) in 2007 and has 18 VCCTC and 4 Blood Banks attached as participants of External Quality Assurance Programme. Our Counselors / Technicians performance has been graded excellent by DSACS this year. The Department has been successfully conducting M.Sc. / MLT training courses each year. Hospital Infection Control Committee is involved in annual surveillance of environmental monitoring of all OT’s and quality testing of water supply to the Hospital and Residential areas. It also undertakes outbreak investigation as a part of surveillance activity. A Molecular Laboratory has been established where PCR, SDS-PAGE and Gel documentation system has been installed and research work has been started. Diagnostic will be started as soon as reagents are available.

Teaching Staff:

UCMS Cadre      
Dr. N. P. Singh Director Professor & Head Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. (Mrs.) Shukla Das Director Professor Research Projects Thesis supervised
Dr. Rumpa Saha Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. Bineeta Kashyap Associate Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised

CHS Cadre      

Non-Teaching Staff:

Mr. Surinder Singh Junior Assistant    
Mr. Vijay Kumar Technical Officer    
Mr. Satyavrat Pandey Senior Technical Assistant    
Mr. Narendra Singh Mogha Senior Technical Assistant    
Mr. Khushal S. Rawat Technical Assistant    
Mr. Subhash Chander Technical Assistant    
Mr. Satya Pal Singh (MS) Technical Assistant    
Mr. Jai Bhagwan Technical Assistant    
Mr. Laxman S. Bisht Technical Assistant    
Mr. Chaman Lal Sharma Technical Assistant    
Mr. Vinod Kumar Technical Assistant    
Mr. Radhey Shyam Meena Technical Assistant    
Mr. B. P. Joshi Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Mahinder P. Singh Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Roop Ram Premi Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Vinod Kumar Mogha Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Shankar B. Kazania Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Suhel Ahmad Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Narain Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Umapati Shukla Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Naveen Singh Laboratory Attendant    
Ms. Poonam Singh Laboratory Attendant    
Mrs. Laxmi Devi Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Bharat Singh Bisht Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Ashwani Kumar Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Om Prakash- 3 MTS (Safai Karamchari)    
Mrs. Sheela MTS (Safai Karamchari)    
Mrs. Beena MTS (Safai Karamchari)    

Appointment of Teachers, if any, to Higher Posts / Assignment Outside

Dr. Das S
Dr. Ramachandran VG
Professor, BPKIHS, Dharan, Nepal, Mar 2007–Mar 2009.
Appointed as Member of Institutional Biosafety Committee, Institutional Ethical Committee - Human Research, Institutional Animal Ethics Committee

Dr. Singh N P
Visiting Professor at BPKIHS, Dharan, Nepal, 22 Aug 2003 – 21 Nov 2003.

Distinctions Achieved by the Members of the Teaching Staff Either at the National or International Level
Dr. Das S
Resource person for N.E. District Sentinel Surveillance of HIV, India, Dec-Jan 2009.
Guest lecture on ‘Current Trends in Lab Diagnosis of Malaria’ by Indian Association of Pathologist, 2009
Lead lecture at VIROCON conference in Virology at Tirupati, Mar 2010

Dr. Kaur I

Member of Bureau of Indian Standards, 2006.
Resource person for  Sentinel Surveillance of HIV, India, 2007-to date.

Dr. Kumar A
Member of Bureau of Indian Standards, 2006.
Elected member of Delhi University in Medical Council of India.
Chairman of Registration and Equivalence Committee in MCI.

Dr. Shukla D
Membership, National Academy of Medical Sciences (India), 2006.
Dr. Singh NP
Resource person for Sentinel Surveillance of HIV, India, 2008- to date.
Seminars/ conferences at the National/ International level organised
1st Global Hand Washing Day Seminar, 15 Oct 2008.
Training workshops for Lab. Technicians of ICTC and Blood Banks under SRL in EQAS in HIV testing, Sep 2008.

Funded Research Projects:

S. No. Title of the Research Project Principal Investigator Years Funding Agency Amount (Rs.)
To study the effector immune responses to common recall antigens and underlying helminthic infections in autoimmune skin diseases before and after immune- suppressive intervention
Das S 2007-10 DST 20 Lakh

Study of immune response to common recall antigens in autoimmune skin diseases before and after immuno suppressive intervention.

Das S



27.6 Lac


Molecular characterization of V. cholerae O1 biotype El Tor strains isolated from East Delhi and comparison of their plasmid profile and RFLP pattern with antibiogram.

Das S 2008-09 Intramural 25,000
HIV sentinel surveillance, HIV sero surveillance and quality assurance evaluation at state reference laboratory of UCMS
Ramachandaran VG   NACO 1.91 Lac
5. To study the immune response to common recall antigens in auto immune skin diseases before and after treatment Shukla Das 2007-2010 DST

27 lakhs

6. Study of V.cholerae profile by RFLP and plasmid analysis and compare with anti biogram Shukla Das




7. To evaluate the role of CRP in serum, Urine & CSF in cryptococcal meningitis before and after treatment. Kashyap Bineeta



8. Development of indigineous E-test strips

Rai Sumit




List of Publications 2003 onwards:


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