Department of Community Medicine
The department continued to provide health care facilities in Gazipur and Dhallupura urbanized villages of East Delhi through its Urban Health Centres. The residential rural postings of the interns and postgraduates are at the Rural Health and Training Centre, Satyawadi Raja Harish Chandra Hospital, Narela. The interns are posted for one month each at both the UHTC and RHTC. The post-graduates and interns are trained in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare. The MBBS students are even exposed to research methodology through a project that they carry out under supervision of the faculty.
Measles, Tuberculosis, Rabies, infant and young child feeding, Non communicable diseases are the major research areas.

Teaching Staff:

UCMS Cadre      
Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi Professor & Head Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. S. K. Bhasin Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. A. K. Sharma Director Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. (Mrs.) Pragati Chhabra Director Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. N. K. Saini Director Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. O. P. Rajoura Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. Rahul Sharma Associate Professor Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. Khan Amir Maroof
Associate Professor-cum- Medical Officer of Urban Health Centre
Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. Somdatta Patra
Associate Professor-cum- Epidemiologist
Research Projects Theses Supervised
Dr. Madhu Upadhyay
Associate Professor-cum- Medical Officer of Rural Health Centre
Research Projects Theses Supervised

CHS Cadre

Non-Teaching Staff:

Mrs. Mamta Rani Stenographer (1st Half)  
Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Gupta Chief Medical Officer    
Dr. Aparna Kpaoor Lady Medical Officer    
Mrs. Rachna Kumar Medical Social Worker    
Mrs. Neelam Medical Social Worker    
Ms. Nisha Gahlot Health Educator    
Mr. Mahender Nath Yadav Senior Technical Assistant    
Mr. Ajit Singh Kharb Technical Assistant    
Mr. Ram Kewal Tiwari Technical Assistant    
Mr. Gayatri Sharma Auxiliary Nurse Midwife    
Mrs. Kela Auxiliary Nurse Midwife    
Ms. Anu Sehrawat Auxiliary Nurse Midwife    
Ms. Rajlaxmi Auxiliary Nurse Midwife    
Mr. Luxmi Dutt Kothari Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Mahipal Singh Chauhan Laboratory Assistant    
Mr. Bal Gangadhar Upadhyay Laboratory Attendant    
Mrs. Poonam Rani Laboratory Attendant    
Mr. Harender Singh Health Inspector    
Ms. Chander Mani Health Inspector    
Mr. Amrish Tyagi Health Inspector    
Mr. Brahm pal Safai Karamchari    

Appointment of Teachers, if any, to Higher Posts / Assignment Outside

Dr. Sharma AK

Indian Institute of Public Health, Ahmedabad.
National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Delhi.
School of Environment Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi.
Advisor, Biostatistics to the Journal: India Pediatrics, 2009-2010.

Distinctions Achieved by the Members of the Teaching Staff Either at the National or International Level

Dr. Aggarwal K
WHO/NIDA/CPDD International Travelling Fellowship on Drug Abuse, 2002.

Dr. Bhasin S

Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine and Health 2006-7.
International Health Professional of the Year 2007 by International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England.
Outstanding Scientist of 21st Century by International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England.
Fellowship of Indian Public Health Association, 7 Mar 2008.
Fellowship of Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine, 21 Jan 2009.
Fellowship Of International Medical Science Academy, 24 Oct 2009.
Dr. Chaturvedi S
Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences (2005); Indian Public Health Association (1995); and Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine (2006)
WHO Fellow at UCLA and UC Berkeley - 1988

Australian Leadership Award at University of Melbourne – 2008

Dr AL Saha Memorial Oration of Indian Public Health Association - 2008

Member: WHO-India Expert Advisory Group (IEAG) on Polio – 2010 onwards

Member: Core Group and Temporary Adviser–WHO on Prevention & Control of Injury & Violence – 2005-2008

Member-Central Coordinating Team, INCLEN Program Evaluation Network – 2000 onwards

Member: Institutional Ethics Committee, Public Health Foundation of India, 2007-2009

Chair, Non-health Determinants of Health and Health Care in High Powered Committee for Costing of Health Care in Delhi – 2009-2010

Consultant to UNOPS and IntraHealth International

Member: IDRC EcoHealth Research Core Group – 2010 onwards

Member: Planning Core Group to establish a ‘Centre of Excellence for Research on Health & Population Policies’ at Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi – 2010 onwards

Consortium Member in the McGill University, Canada-ICMR collaboration on – ‘Foundational Work for a Brain-to-Society Diagnostics for Prevention of Childhood Obesity and its Chronic Diseases Consequences’ – 2010 onwards

Member-Central Advisory Group for Govt of Uttarakhand on preparedness for Mahakumbh 2010, with special reference to H1N1 pandemic – 2009-2010

Member-Technical Expert Committee on Review of Smokeless Tobacco Products in India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India – 2011

Dr. Kannan A T
Resource Person for the workshop on orientation of Faculty of Medical Colleges in RCH Programme at IAPSM, 10-11 August, 2001.
Member of Monitoring and Steering Committee for Operation Research in RNTCP, Central TB Division, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India, Delhi.
Participated in a Master Trainer Training Programme under RNTCP, 24.9.2001-5.10.2001.
Expert - ICMR Task Force on Verbal Autopsy for Causes of Death.
Patterns of case and care in patients with diabetes Type-2 (APW-WHO India), Country Office- Principal Investigator.
Expert India CLEN Meeting at B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal, 13-16 Nov 2006.
Member, 2nd Common Review Mission, N.R.H.M., Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

Dr. Sharma A K
Participated in a Master Trainer Training Programme under RNTCP, 24.9.2001-5.10.2001.
Member, Task Force on HIV/AIDS Surveillance, National AIDS Central Organisation, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India (2003-04).
Inspector, Medical Council of India.

Member, 2nd Common Review Mission, N.R.H.M., Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.


Seminars/conferences at the National/International level organized

Training of Trainers for Food and Nutrition Board, 26-30 May 2008.
Nutrition Workshop on Training programme for Trainers of ICDS/Health/NGOs in Nutrition and Health education organized by Food and Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Sep 2008.
Integrated disease surveillance project training workshop-I for Medical Officers of North-East District of Delhi, Mar 2009.
Integrated disease surveillance project training workshop-II for Medical Officers of North-East District of Delhi, Mar 2009.

Post Graduate Theses Completed During Last 3 Years:

Title Name of The Student Chief Supervisor
An epidemiological study of tuberculosis patients receiving DOTS in East Delhi. Dr. Divya Seth (2002) Dr. Vijay Gover
Adolescent pregnancy and its outcome - A study in a resettlement colony in East Delhi. Dr. Tanica (2002) Dr. Pushpa Gupta
A community based study on infant mortality in a resettlement colony of East Delhi Dr. Atul Mittal (2002) Dr. Kamal Aggarwal

Funded Research Projects:

S.No. Title of the Research Project Principal Investigator Funding Agency Amount (Rs.)
1. To Study the Magnitude and Mechanism of Non-Response to Hepatitis –B Vaccine in India and Possible Strategies to Overcome Non-response. Agrawal K ICMR  
2. Achieving MDGS: INCLEN pilot study on government health systems in Ethiopia. Chaturvedi S

International Development Research Center, Canada


Model injection centre projects, India

Chaturvedi S



Assessment of integrated management of neonatal and childhood illness in India.

Chaturvedi S

UNICEF, USAID, Johns Hopkins Univ. INCLEN


Social determinants for effective implementation of polio eradication program: An IPEN study in high risk districts of Moradabad and JP Nagar (UP), India.

Chaturvedi S


6. Concurrent Evaluation of the Reach, Effectiveness and Impact of Janani Shishu Swasthya Abhiyan (JSY) in Jharkhand. Chaturvedi S MCH-STAR  
7. Determinants of Under nutrition in Children and Assessment of Management at Different Levels of Health Care. Chaturvedi S WHO, USAID  
8. Monitoring and Supervision for ICDS Scheme. Kannan AT NIPCCD  
9. Improving Patterns of Care in Children with Type–I Diabetes Mellitus Kannan AT WHO  
10. Process Evaluation of Mobile Health Scheme of Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Dec 2008. Rajoura OP Govt. of NCT, Delhi  

Impact of mid-day meal program on growth and development of primary school children: A longitudinal cohort study.

Sharma AK

Akshay Patra Foundation


Impact assessment of mobile health schemes.

Sharma AK

DHS Govt. NCT, Delhi

Rs. 30,000/-

13. Evaluation of Mobile Health Scheme Directorate of Health Sciences. Sharma AK DHS Govt. of Delhi Rs. 30,000/-
14. India-Canadian Collaborative Study on Childhood Obesity. INCLEN Program Evaluation Network (Regional Coordinator) Canadian Health Research Institutes, ICMR  



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Hand Book 2012 (Statistics on Children in India)

List of Publications 2003 onwards:

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