List of Publications

List of Publications

2003 – 04
Verma SK, Srivastava DK. A study on mass hysteria (monkeymen?) victims in East Delhi. Indian J Med Sci 2003;57:355-364.
Verma SK. Physician-pharmaceutical industry interaction: changing dimensions and ethics. Indian Pediatr 2004;41:29-36.

2004 – 05
Verma SK, Aggarwal NK, Kohli A. Accidental ligature strangulation deaths in East Delhi (1993-2002). Med Sci Law 2005;45:47-51.
Verma SK. Rape in children and adolescents. In: (eds. Mathur GP, Mathur S). Current Trends in Pediatrics. Delhi: Academa Publishers, 1stedition, 2005:pp221-226.

2005 – 06

2006 – 07
Banerjee KK, Kohli A. Child Abuse. Delhi Psychiatry Bull 2006;9:147-149.
Bhatia MS, Verma SK, Murty OP. Suicide notes: psychological and clinical profile. Int J Psychiatry Med 2006; 36:163-170.
Kohli A. Aggarwal NK. Normal organ weights in Indian adults. Medico-legal Update 2006; 8:264-268.
Kohli A. Aggarwal NK. Firearm fatalities in Delhi, India. Leg Med (Tokyo) 2006;8:264-268.
Kohli A, Banerjee KK. Pattern of injuries in fatal falls from buildings. Med Sci Law 2006; 46:335-341.
Kohli A, Aggarwal NK, Bhatia MS. Consent in Pyschiatry. Delhi Psychiatry Bull 2006:9:142-146.
Singh S, Sinha VS, Kapoor AK, Verma SK, Singh D, Sharma S. Planning and designing of mishiary complex, in tertiary case. Ind Internet J Forensic Med Toxicol 2006;4:
Verma SK. Is regulation of stem cell therapy and therapeutic cloning needed? W J Med Sci 2006;1:14-17.
Verma SK, Lal S. Strangulation deaths during 1993-2002 in east Delhi (India). Leg Med 2006; 8:1-4.
Verma SK. Medicolegal issues in health practice In: Gupta P, Ghai OP (ed). Text Book of Preventive and Social Medicine. 2nd ed. Delhi: CBS Publishers & Distributors, 2007.
2007 – 08
Juthika D, Aggarwal NK. Psychlogical aspects of sexual abuse of women. Delhi Psychiatry J 2007; 10:157-159.
Kohli A, Mishra K. Trivial trauma, heart disease and medico-legal interpretation of death. Med Sci Law 2008; 48:72-74.
Kohli A. Medical consent in India- Ethical and legal issues. Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology [serial online]. 2007 Jul-Dec; 8(2): [about 19 p]. Available from: http://www.geradts.com/anil/ij/vol 008 no 002/papers/paoer004.html
Verma SK. Pediatric and adolescent strangulation deaths. J Forensic Legal Med 2007; 14:61-64.
Verma SK. Reviewer for Rao NG. Practical Forensic Medicine. 3rd edition. New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd., 2007.
2008 – 09
Aggarwal NK. Sexual abuse and physician. Delhi Psychiatry Journal 2008; 11:242-243.

Gupta A, Kohli A, Aggarwal NK, Banerjee KK. Study of age of fusion of hydroid bone, Legal Medicine 2008; 10:253-256.

Kumar A, Tyagi Y, Sharma G A, Tyagi A. Sex determination by morphology of calcaneum bone.  J Indian Acad Forensic Med 2008; 30:207-211.

Murty OP, Yeen CK, Jia TA, Wen SH, Queen YS, Verma SK, Aggarwal NK. A ten year retrospective study on poisoning cases in two major cities of Malaysia and India. J Indian Soc Toxicol 2008; 4:6-11.

Singh RP, Verma SK, Tyagi AK. Determination of sex by measurement of area of mastoid triangle in human skull. Indian Internet J Forensic Medicine Toxicol 2008; 6:29-43.
Verma SK.  Medicolegal aspects of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. In: Bhatia MS, Grover V, Gupta R (Eds). A Textbook on HIV infection and AIDS in Adolescents. New Age International Publishers, New Delhi, 2008.

Yadav A, Kohli A, Aggarwal NK. Study of correlation between intracranial hemorrhages and skull fractures, Journal? 2008; 25:

Yadav A, Kohli A, Aggarwal NK. Study of pattern of skull fractures in northeast Delhi. Medicolegal Update, 2008; 8:31-34.

2009 – 10
Juthika D, Gupta N, Aggarwal N K. Consumer Protection Act. Blessing or curse to medical profession, Delhi Psychiatry Journal 2009; 12:302-305.
Kohli A, Kumar A. Homicide trends in Delhi, India. In: Randal BT, Ulrich RC, editors. Homicide: Trends, Causes and Preventions, New York: Nova Publishers; 2009: p 129-142.
Kohli A. Medical consent in India – ethical and legal issues In: Nafisa Begum, Editor. Medical Treatment and Law. Hyderabad: The ICFAI University Press.2010; 165-176.
Tyagi Y, Kumar A, Kohli A, Banerjee KK. Estimation of age by morphological study of sternal end of fourth ribs in males. J Indian Acad Forensic Medicine 2009; 31:87-94.
Verma SK. Contributed chapter on, “Medico-legal aspects of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS”. In: Bhatia MS, Grover V, Gupta R (Eds). A Textbook on HIV Infection and AIDS in Adolescents. New Delhi: New Age International Publishers, 2009.
Verma SK. Oxygen cylinder blast fatality: a case report and review of literature. Indian Internet J Forensic Med Toxicol 2009; 7:64-70.
2010 - 11
Sinha US, Uttam S, Pathak AK, Verma SK, Singh AK, Kaul A. Suddent Death of Jawan/Trainee in Military/CRPF/Police/Paramilitary Forces: Report of two Cases and Review of Literature. IIJFMT 2010; 8(4): 153-163.
Verma SK. Contributed chapter on, “Medicolegal issues in Health practice”. In: Gupta P (eds). Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine. 3nd edition, CBS Publishers and Distributors, Delhi, 2010.
2011 - 12
Kohli A. Mapping murder- The geography of Indian firearm fatalities. Indian Armed Violence Assessment Issue Brief No.2. Geneva: Small Arms Survey; September 2011. Available from:india-ava.org/fileadmin/docs/IAVA%20IB%20Two.pdf
Murty OP, Verma SK, Supaya JP. Jennifer Lee Liping, Loo Hsueh Han, Maria Elina bt Zia Study on Pattern of Suicides in Malaysian and Indian Capital. IIJFMT 2011; 9(2): 33-40.
Verma A, Verma SK. Dental/Medical practice and Right to Information Act: Current status. IIJFMT 2011; 9(1): 7-18
Verma SK, Verma A. Admissibility of Forensic Evidence in Indian Courts. IIJFMT 2011; 9(4): 86-91.
2012 - 13

Gupta N, Aggarwal NK. Child abuse. Delhi Psy J.2012; Vol15 (2): 416-19.

Kumar A, Kohli A, Verma SK. Fetal cardiac tamponade by Bodkin. Med Sci Law msl.2012.012021; epublished ahead of print 8 October 2012, doi:10.1258/msl. 2012.012021.

Srivastava V, Kohli A, Banerjee KK. Pattern of fatal blunt thoracoabdominal trauma in north east Delhi. J Forensic Med Toxicol.2012 Jan-Jun; 29(1):18-22.
2013 - 14
Kumar A, Kohli A, Verma SK. Fatal cardiac tamponade by Bodkin. Med Sci Law 2013; 53: 93-95.

Murty OP, Kohli A, Millo T, Rani M, Verma SK, Sikary AK, Girdhar S, Sharma SK, Banerjee KK, Kumar PS. Uniform guidelines for postmortem work in India: faculty development on standard operative procedures (sop) in forensic medicine and toxicology. J Forensic Med Toxicol 2013; 30: 1-136.

Siddamsetty AK, Aggarwal NK. Bhatia MS. Sexomania, Delhi Psych J, Oct. 2013; 16(2), 432-434.

Gupta N, Aggarwal NK, Bhatia MS. The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO), Delhi Psych J, Oct 2013; 16(2), 429-431.

Aggarwal NK. contributed a chapter “legal Procedures” in Modern text Book of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, edited by Dr Putul Mahanta and published by Jaypee Brothers, New Dehi.

2014 - 15

Aggarwal NK. Safety of women against sexual harassment Role of education in school & Hospitals,  Page No. 27-29, Souvenir, ICFMT-2014.

Aggarwal NK. Work Place Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Page No. 52-54, Souvenir, ICFMT-2014.

Siddamsetty AK, Aggarwal NK, Bhatia MS. Concept of Psychological Autopsy Page No. 458-561, Delhi Psychiatry Journal, Vol. 17, Oct. 2014.

Siddhamsetty AK, Verma SK, Kohli A, Puri D, Singh A. Estimation of Time sicne death from electrolyte, glucose & calcium analysis of postmortem vitreous humour in semi-acid climate. Med Sci Law 2014; 54: 158-66.

Siddhamsetty AK, Verma SK, Kohli A, Verma A, Puri D, Singh A. Exploring time of death from potassium, sodium, chloride, glucose & calcium analysis of postmortem synovial fluid in semi arid climate. J Forensic Legal Med 2014; 28: 11e14.

Verma SK, Verma A. Recent Changes in Sexual Assault and Rape Laws. In: Biswas G (ed.). Recent Advances in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. N-Delhi, 2015.

2015 - 16
2016 - 17
Kumar M, Kohli A, Tyagi AK, Kumar A, Gupta SK. Prediction of survival using TRISS in train accident victims in tertiary care hospital, Delhi. J Forensic Chem Toxicol. 2017 Jan-Jun; 3(1):5-10.
Siddamsetty AK, Kumar A, Aggarwal NK, Kumar A. Poisoning  Death  trends  in North  East  Delhi–  A  Retrospective  Study. J Indian Acad Forensic Med. 2016; 38 (2):213-6.
Verma SK. Medicolegal Issues in Health Practice, In: Gupta P, Khan AM (eds.) Textbook of Community Medicine. CBS Pyblishers and Distributors Pvt, Ltd., N-Delhi.
2017 - 18
Kohli A. Concept of dying declaration in India. In: Biswas G editor. Recent advances in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Volume 2. New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers; 2018; p.115-133.

Kumar A. Siddamsetty AK, Kumar A, Aggarwal NK, Kumar A. Poisoning Death trends in North East Delhi– A Retrospective Study. J Indian Acad Forensic Med. 2016; 38(2):213-6.

Kumar A. Ateriya N, kumar A, Rai S, Banerjee KK. Microbial Profile of Infections in Burn Patients. J Forensic Med & toxico. 2017; 34(1):42-6.


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