List of Publications 

List of Publications

2005 – 06
Kumar R. Graphical Tools for Presenting the Data. In: Contemporary Public Health (eds Gupta J, Sood AK). New Delhi: Apothecaries Foundation, 2005; pp10.13-10.32.

2008 – 09

Kumar R, Jaisankar R. An application of ordinal logistic (proportional odds) regression model. The SPSS Analyst, 2008; Oct- Dec: 40-45.

2009 – 10
Bansal AK. Reliability of the model for clustering of longitudinal datasets of infant mortality rate in India, COBRA preprint series, Article 57: Aug 2009. (http://biostats.bepress.com/cobra/ps/art57)
Kumar A, Indrayan A, Tyagi VK. Reporting quality of multivariable logistic regression in selected Indian medical journals 2009. 27th Annual National Conference of Indian Society for Medical Statistics, Varanasi- Souvenir & Abstract, 2009:96-97.
2011 - 12
Kumar R, Dhaliwal U.  Career choices of undergraduate medical students. Natl Med J India. 2011 May-Jun; 24(3):166-169.
Kumar R, Indrayan A. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for medical researchers. Indian Pediatr. 2011 Apr; 48(4):277-287.
2012 - 13
Kumar R, Indrayan A, Chhabra P.  Reporting quality of multivariable logistic regression in selected Indian Medical Journals.  Journal of Postgraduate Medicine 2012; 58(2):123-6.
Kumar R.  Sample size calculation. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology 2012; 60:582.
2013 - 14
Kumar R, Chhabra P. Cautions required during planning, analysis and reporting of multivariable logistic regression. Current Medicine Research Practice 2014; 4:31-39.
Kumar R. Improper reporting of Multivariable Logistic regression. Journal of Psychological Medicine 2014; 36:102-3.
Kumar R. Methodological aspects in use of scoring and multivariable logistic regression as predictive model Journal of Postgraduate Medicine 2013; 59:343-4.
Kumar R. “Sample size for estimating sensitivity and specificity of diagnostictests” In: Methods of Clinical Epidemiology (eds. SuhailDoi& Gail Williams, Springer  2013).
2014 - 15
Kumar R, Maroof A, Chatterjee P. Types of observational studies in medical research. Astrocyte 2014: 1; 154-159.
2015 - 16
Kumar R. Errors in use of multivariable regression. Indian Journal of Pharmacoogy 2015; 47:571-572.
Kumar R. Reporting error in the use of multivariable logistic regression. Indian journal of Pulic Health 2015; 59:230-231.

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