Dr. Renu Chauhan






https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pnjjot9xJJz0_-OG51FiuFKPWWpmdcwNTd0i-hgiSdZkUnN1S_cJsEiBj65G9zBLgnphg1n6Ed-y8zdK0fhAuCDpM1aL97DApyC8VKF37HCEGduJ_jhx2Asoe3hf6Sb8romWHNRvssdm5VjkN_Jm0xOKYEvJofRE7T8DYFe_ApNj2F8PAmQxGcKHtie3uxZnPOrI6WOo7nkaCXUg8E6Zdr2q0TXL2rP2OLrwkHNFfebNp79Vb5F_BQ5kc9MUq9_2HfMQzFti0XzL0ysguvHgO7BKjRjfOJo877XYcfQlAJW_e3lYRiPAJ60KQN9rvKA4M6IO0VA2cc04iKoyIw32Qn8WG6C2_oM7EGunE8X50eh0ASJTe2dJSFE0mnoydeHOvuboi_g5Fu6Az3DZSA3TSor_udAAVlqRe1cSotMOS52VOadhWQ4vnwXSv8x2G5XKtUUgdgP7_27YGorD-R2WKTseixTWQ4zEIgsKQ6pZNSzVfzerEdhB4yEZVF-Nzfo_4KpN61X9FaecPOMVYjka-BEnb4BME8Z65IzeALK0LquJGcToxg7_wFi4p-3yBgfGkAvQIntpu5LNPdOOOC0rDDnrLBHnzPiO56jfliElubQpghbOwJnIWcZJFsakBTav7dl7XW_cta1YziQlwkzpwAvo20LF4jUtDeYXjpTrAC-ZSv1gGAq1NVy360DdYT4TXioBOHLj7ZEZGalyocoBbeV0=w686-h914-no?authuser=0 I am a graduate of UCMS, Delhi; a postgraduate of MAMC, New Delhi and have done my senior residency from AIIMS, New Delhi. I joined the Department of Anatomy, UCMS in the year 2002 as a Lecturer.  I have a teaching experience of 24 Years. The subject I teach are: Gross anatomy, Neurology, Histology, Embryology, Surface Anatomy & Radiological anatomy. I have number of publications both in National and international journal. I have published 6 books and have written one chapter for a book. I am a member of various boards e.g. member of - advisory board of Rohtak University,  ACADEMIC COMMITTEE of Wellness Health &You, Physicians’ Forum of India and  DNB Neurosurgery. I am a reviewer of various journals and was joint editor of Journal of  Anatomical Society of India. Some of the awards I have received are:

a)      Pyare Lal and Bishan Devi gold medal for best thesis in Pre and Para Clinical subjects.

b)      Awarded Ranga Travel Grant by AIIMS, New Delhi,  for the best paper to be presented at NATCON held at Jhansi.

c)      Jai Hind Humanity Award.

d)     Distinguished Doctor’s Award by IMA.

e)      National President’s appreciation award by IMA.

f)       Awarded “Bharat Chikitsa Ratan award” on the occasion of Doctor’s day

g)      Awarded outstanding and exemplary educator award on the teacher’s day  by Physicians’ Forum of India

E mail Id: renuchauhan@yahoo.com


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